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Chat with your Facebook friends directly from your desktop. See which of your contacts are online, use emoticons, change your status, and hear notifications when you're being contacted.

Facebook Chat IM (FBCIM) is a simple, standalone tool that lets you chat with your Facebook contacts. It’s a neat and handy desktop messenger for Facebook, meant to provide an alternative to the official Facebook messenger.

Facebook Chat IM (FBCIM) comes with a simple, straightforward, and neat interface that can be used with ease by anyone. Another remarkable feature of this handy program is the fact that it allows you to chat with all your friends even when your connection is protected with a firewall. Facebook Chat IM (FBCIM) can operate just fine even when such restrictions are in use.

All the popular Facebook chat features are also available when using Facebook Chat IM (FBCIM) too, including emoticons, notifications and alerts, chat history, and so on.

Facebook Chat IM (FBCIM) is also not only free, but even open source, which means its source code can be freely downloaded and used as you like.

To sum it all up, Facebook Chat IM (FBCIM) is a nice tool that offers a convenient solution to chat on Facebook with your friends.

Margie Smeer
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